Packaging and Assembly

Our workforce is extremely capable and versatile, and has an excellent reputation for providing quality work. Some of the tasks we’ve completed and those we can do for you are listed below. 

We Assemble We Package
  • computer components
  • bicycle parts
  • electric motors
  • books
  • industrial attachments
  • clean-air masks
  • bird seed
  • fireplace wood
  • City recycling bags
  • food stuffs

We Build We Clean
  • gates
  • crates
  • pallets
  • trophy bases
  • bird houses
  • dog houses
  • food blades
  • business facilities
  • parking lots
  • State Rest Areas
  • Other janitorial services

We Create & Install We Plant
  • road signs
  • trees

We Assemble & Collate Your Presentation Works
  • punch and bind
  • insert
  • label
  • fold
  • tape
  • stamp

We Can We Cut, Sort, Wash & Dry
  • strip and refinish furniture
  • reweb lawn chairs
  • rags for insustrial use
Upcoming Events
April 22nd, 2017, please join us at 2611 North Bluff in Fulton for a Public Auction. This is a surplus property auction, as KPI has changed their business model and are no longer handling or processing recyclable items. Please Check the events tab for more information.

2611 North Bluff Street
Fulton, MO 65251

Contact Info

Phone: 573-642-7333
Fax: 573-642-6699